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Pre-wedding photoshoot

You just need it. Seems pretty obvious and simple, right? However, we still meet some couples who consider skipping their pre-wedding (engagement) photoshoot, for many reasons. We’ll give you only a few tips that explain the necessity of this photo session. Read below and, please, think again.

1. It helps you to be on the same page with your photographer in advance. It is a great chance For Photographer to know more about you and make sure you’re comfortable to work together. It is a great chance For You to tell your photographer all your requirements and concerns. Maybe you want him to take a certain shot or you want your tattoo not to be captured? Don’t be shy and share all your thoughts in advance.

2. Feel an anxiety in front of the camera lens? So this is mandatory for you. Time to boost your confidence. You need to eliminate your camera fear. A good photographer knows how to work with different personalities and always finds an individual approach. He’ll direct you through the whole photo session process so it won’t be a surprise for you on the wedding day. I’m sure that feeling comfortable with your photographer will set the mood of your photos.

3. Feel super confident in front of the camera? You still need this pre-wedding session. For better understanding, I’ll give you a personal example. I’ve always been pretty confident with my photos, so I didn’t worry too much about my engagement photoshoot. I just wanted the photos to be live, bright and vivid. More emotions, fun, and…motion. You know, running together, holding the hands and other romantic stuff. Should I tell how surprised I was when I couldn’t normally “run” and “jump” during my photo session? Oh, God, it was almost a fail. I couldn’t act naturally while making these “motion photos”. So it took us extra 30 minutes to realize how to make it right. Thanks to the photographer who was patient, understanding and explained how to act. Believe me and just do it, even though you're an "Instagram selfie pro"

4. Ladies, it is a great chance to get a makeup and hair trial.

5. Use your photos for… anything you want:) Your "save the date" cards, your guest book, your wedding day photo presentation, etc.

Let's be honest, you’re spending so much time on this one day. You’re planning it with all your heart and soul. Wouldn’t it be crazy to do everything in a good-looking + smooth-running style and screw up your personal pictures.

These are your memories that will last for the rest of your life. Make them remarkable and impressive.

Photo - @Sweet Ice Cream Photography


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