The perfect mix

Having a solid event management background I know how the perfect event must be held. Finding a balance between the ability to listen to your client, strict time management, and a skill to resolve extraordinary tasks is the key to a successful event. Add your positive vibes and creative thinking and you get a perfect story. The service we provide doesn’t have a shape. It is your confidence and assurance, that everything will be tastefully and perfectly made. 

We believe that wedding is a celebration where you have only two options: relax or work. We take the responsibility and handle the second one.

Cohesive picture

Every detail matters, even being invisible at first sight. Every inaccurate element doesn't look right the same way as a careless brushstroke of an unprofessional artist spoils the whole work.

There is a thin line where you can't lose the integrity and harmony when going into details. Working with beautiful design projects, bespoke floral arrangements, cuisine masterpieces, my mission is to find a coherence. We are responsible for the full picture of a wedding and we care about everything - the combination of flowers and linens, decorations, glassware, furniture, lighting. 

My passion is to create a full composition saving a harmony in each detail.