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In-season blooms for your Wedding Day

Flowers take a solid part of your wedding budget. If you want to skimp on your flower cost, you need to think about the stems matching the certain season.

Also, ladies, keep in mind that: - Your bridal bouquet can’t be heavy. Remember that you need to hold it almost the whole day. - Be loyal when choosing a color palette. When it comes to natural materials, it’s difficult to designate a particular shade. The same kind of flowers may differ in shades in different batches, so you should allow some color difference. - Don’t use too fragrant flowers. For instance, lily of the valley, lilac, lilies, etc. If any of your guests has an allergy the celebration will be a torture. - Use nice vases or holders for your flower compositions. - Never use bridesmaids’ bouquets/flowers from your guests for your decorations. It will make the décor cheap and spoil the whole impression of the celebration. - Talk to your florist and trust in his work

Only a good communication, clearly expressed vision and teamwork can create a masterpiece for your wedding.


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