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First Look

If you choose to break a tradition and see each other before the ceremony, you will probably want to make the first look more exciting.

The most traditional way is when the bride is walking behind the groom. She hugs him from behind, taps him on the shoulder, or closes his eyes. It is elegant, sensitive and very romantic. But if you want to add something new into your first look, consider these ideas:

1. Let a bridal party join in on the first look. The bride can hide behind her bridesmaids while the groom is standing behind his groomsmen. Then a bridal party makes a lane for the couple and the beloved ones step towards each other. 2. A "first look" not just with the groom, but with dad. This moment can even compete with a “groom-bride” first look. Surprise you father and yes, you are allowed to shed a tear. 3. Open the door to your new life. If your photo zone or even ceremony spot is decorated with a (vintage) door, use it as the last boundary between you. You leave your old life behind and step ahead. When you are ready, let the groom open the door. It is a good analogy of opening the door to your new life. 4. The light version of the previous idea is to use the balloons. Make sure you have a big bunch so you can’t see each other. Ask your MOH to help you with this. Hold the bunch together, say something sweet and let the balloons fly away. 5. If you have enough time, you can arrange your first look at the memorable (for both of you) place. I believe it is mostly an idea for the groom. Make a first look at the place of your first date or even first meeting. Make sure the bride doesn’t know where she is going (blindfold her). To see each other at the same place you met together years ago will make the first look more meaningful and significant.

We think the first look is the great alternative of waiting to see one another during the ceremony. It has a unique intimate ambiance between only the two of you.

What do you think? Are you going to have the first look or keep the tradition?


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