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Winter Wedding? ❄️ Yes, please!


I must admit, we are in love with winter weddings. They are full of romantic charm, cinnamon flavors, and a very special ambiance. With a winter season upon us, we’re super excited to share some essential tips you need to consider while planning a winter wedding.

1. Place. Good news – now you have an abundance of options to choose from. And yes, most likely the cost will be less than during the peak season, feel free to ask about special discounts. I know, I know you’re super excited and probably already booking your favorite Ballroom...but what if you consider some kind of different venues? Country houses/estates with fireplaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, luxury wooden log cabins, spacious wine cellars. This is what can make your wedding unforgettable and unique. NB! Make sure your venue is well heated (all the rooms and halls) and, still, grab some blankets and extra heaters. Just in case.

2. Style and décor. You have tons of variants here. That’s why we LOVE winter celebrations so much. Instead of flooding everything with flowers, think about using: - Fruits: pomegranate, tangerines, cranberries if you are about to make some bright accents in your décor - Linen textiles, pine cones, cinnamon sticks would work perfectly for a natural eco style - Knitted items, soft blankets, pillows, and cotton stems – if you want to turn your venue into a cozy home. - Using candles is ALWAYS a great idea. For winter weddings, candles can be transformed into different styles but will definitely play a crucial role in your décor.

In general, whatever color palette you choose, it will be perfect, we are sure. If you want to create a romantic elegant winter wedding, stick to clean white centerpieces, shiny textiles, fabulous chandeliers and ghost chairs.

3. Flowers. Yes, we need to admit that not all the flowers will be available during the winter season (even when they are, you’ll need to pay much more to get them). On the bright side, we are all about creativity and uniqueness now, right? So, conifer branches, pine cones, cotton stems and various berries are your best friends here. Check out some whimsical bouquet styles and add the ribbons. Trust us, it will be stunning.

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