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Where to get inspiration for events?

One of the most popular questions is where do we get the inspiration and ideas for our new events? Although it is kind of a trite topic, it is still important. We like to answer shortly - everywhere. It would be no exaggeration to say that you can walk in a museum and any whimsy sculpture can wake your imagination. Andrew: I like to look through design specialized literature. Books, old magazines, sketch bulks – all of this stuff improves your visual library and helps in the future. Take a look to the recent skyscraper on 432 Park Avenue. Although it is criticized by many antagonists, the most influent people already owed residences there. Rafael Viñoly' idea has its origin from a garbage can designed by Josef Hoffmann. I think it is essential to be open for everything new, absorb knowledge, visual images, feelings as much as you can. By following these rules a person will notice a lot of connections around himself. They could be unclear before, but now every detail forms an idea that has been sleeping in your head. You need to crave for improvement everywhere and every time. Don’t miss an impressionism hall in a museum because you don’t like “Water Lilies” by Claude Monet. You never know if you’ll be inspired by works of Alfred Sisley or you’ll change your mind about Monet. Olha: I love finding ideas in people we are working with. That’s why the communication is the key for us. We need to identify what moments are crucial and how we can work with them. The most interesting thing is that couples rarely notice the individuality and uniqueness in themselves. This is our mission – to find these moments in you. I can give you a fresh example recently happened with us. We got a client with a request for a baby shower. Baby shower was planned for a baby girl so it had to be a bright color palette. We had a long conversation, checked tons of ideas but nothing seemed special for us. Until the following thing happened. Since our meeting was in a small cozy café, we placed an order for a coffee (tea for a mom-to-be) and some deserts. When I got my cake, my client started to laugh. I wondered why and that’s what she told me: “I never liked strawberry. Yes, weird, I know. At the time, all kids were obsessed with harvest, I preferred to stay at the kitchen and wash dishes. So, when I suddenly felt the craving for strawberry during my workday, I realized something is wrong with me”. We had been laughing when I just realized that there was a thing! I told my client about a strawberry concept and she just loved it. After this story I honestly believe that even a little cake can become your inspiration and all ideas fly around us. Another question that the market is not always ready for ideas. Almost everyone knows he or she wants a beautiful wedding and only few people know how it looks like. We assume people avoid a conceptual wedding because they don’t clearly understand what is that. Couples are confused with themed and conceptual weddings. Themed wedding is a narrow direction where you operate with already created ideas. We consider conceptual wedding as more personalized event, with a combination of all elements that can tell your love story. Andrew: We like to work with conceptual weddings because it is a reflection of our couples. We don’t like to see the same décor elements at different weddings. We don’t like that most flower centerpieces look the same at each event. The fact you change anniversary red roses to pink wedding roses doesn’t exclude the imitation feeling. We are interested in creating something new and bold. Olha: Let me give you an example. A bride requires a sea inspired theme for her wedding. To make a themed wedding means to collect already created ideas from the internet and implement them to life. As a result, we’ll get blue chair covers and invitations tied by a sea knot. A conceptual approach means to define a connection between an idea and a couple. We always help our newlyweds to find this common ground, if it exists, of course. It happens when a couple comes with an idea, based on many references from Pinterest. They like the visualization of an idea but during our conversation we find out that there is nothing common between our couple and an internet idea. We assume such approach won’t work: décor will have its own character and couple won’t fit in the final picture. That’s why the improvement of a concept is not a “copy-paste” process but a creation of an individual story of our clients. Also, it is mandatory to check a concept in a relation to a dream venue. You might agree that it would be ridiculous to make a rustic wedding in the Grand Ballroom in Plaza Hotel. You need to prioritize, what is more important – a wedding style or a venue, a bride was dreaming about since the childhood. It seems hard so we help our couples to choose. If bride tells that she is going to have Galia Lahav dress and she is in love with peony floral arrangements, we would consider to keep Plaza, for sure. Her rustic obsession is just a somebody's wedding style she liked, not her wedding. Be open minded and look around. You never know when your inspiration will reach you. And we can also share out coolest ideas with you – give us a call or send email. Every moment counts. Don’t miss it.

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