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Sense of Moment: behind the scenes

WHAT is Sense of Moment? Olha: The name of the company, alongside with an idea of it's opening, was unexpected. As an event manager, I was handling a corporate project for the company’s client. I had to create a WOW-effect for my client and all the guests attending the event. The opening was the defining moment of the whole evening. It seemed like choosing the name for the boat: take the right one - and you’ll get a success, make a mistake - and you crash. The moment when everybody just burst into wild applause became the turning point in my head. I realized the importance of my work and that all efforts were not in vain. I told myself that these moments are worth hustling for. Having had a purpose to create an event planning company, I had the strong feeling that my projects must be beautiful and seamless. And where do you find a better combination of beauty, harmony and love, rather than in weddings? WHY Sense of Moment? Briefly said Sense of Moment is the company that creates top notch weddings and events for demanding clients. We consider ourselves as a design agency with the main vision in the creation and development of the cohesive event concept. Sense of Moment is the creative team, that builds the whole picture first, and only after that involves and controls partner's work. Nowadays many wedding planners use a preferred vendor list and references of previous projects as the main triggers to get clients. We have another approach in communication with our clients. We ask couples to tell about themselves, their preferences and expectations. We want to know what they love and immerse ourselves into their story. We don’t offer to use a candy bar table just because we have it. We create absolutely new and unique solutions for our couples. Although we have a strict company policy, we try to avoid bureaucratic statements such as “customer” - “contractor”. We build long-term trustful relationships and walk with our brides and grooms through the whole planning process. We are more than planners and we create more than weddings. WHO is Sense of Moment? Olha: Having a solid event management background I know how the perfect event must be held. Finding a balance between the ability to listen to your client, strict time management, and a skill to resolve extraordinary tasks is the key to a successful event. Add your positive vibes and creative thinking and you get a perfect story. As many other girls, I wanted to organize weddings and wanted to make it seamlessly. I wasn't surprised that wedding planning didn't consist of flowers and bright decorations only. Instead, I noticed that weddings had a lot of blunders and people let them pass. I believe you heard an excuse like this: “This is our Wedding and nothing will screw it up. Whatever happens...” Sure, you won’t be stuck with client’s complaints regarding a misspelled name on somebody's badge. But, honestly, every bride will notice her ceremony arch to be disassembled right after the ceremony (aka “Why do you need it? You already left a ceremony site, enjoy your reception”). My goal is to make the planning and celebration in the most literate and enjoyable way at the same time. Andrew: Every detail matters, even being invisible at first sight. Every inaccurate element doesn't look right the same way as a careless brushstroke of an unprofessional artist spoils the whole work.There is a thin line where you can't lose the integrity and harmony when going into details. Working with beautiful design projects, bespoke floral arrangements, cuisine masterpieces, my mission is to find a coherence. We are responsible for the full picture of a wedding and we care about everything - the combination of flowers and linens, decorations, glassware, furniture, lighting. My passion is to create a full composition saving a harmony in each detail. HOW OLD is Sense of Moment? We are young and think it as our big advantage. We always face up challenges and try to work with like minded devoted partners in order to realize our boldest ideas. Every new event is the step to our self improvement. We are proud of every celebration we do because it makes us move forward. WHAT'S INSIDE Sense of Moment? During our work we realized that our clients like our professionalism, crazy responsibility and full immersion into the project. Responsibility Olha: I attended a wedding as a guest some time ago. Since the celebration was organized by a bride herself, she was bothered by a photographer, host, restaurant administrator during the whole evening. She spoke to them, looked for some numbers in her cellphone and even left the reception for some time ("belated cake" had arrived, as it turned out). In that case every vendor worked independently and the bride was the one contact person for all of them. There was nobody who could take the responsibility for the full process. We assume that every event is an interactive theatre, where client has to enjoy and participate in a play. The rest is behind the scenes and we work there. You don’t need to look through your contact list and remember who is “Florist 1”, “Florist delivery”, “Florist bouquet” and freak out why this particular florist didn't come yet. All you need is one wedding contact in you phone, one responsible person for your Big Day. Immersion Every event we handle is exclusive. We don’t follow "first-last meeting" protocol when you see a planner at the moment of signing a contract and, probably, on the day of your event. We work differently. The whole planning path we walk together with you, giving our souls and hearts to every story. Because we don’t have projects, we have stories - unique and unlike others. QUALITY, NOT Quantity Our passion is growing with every event, but we always sensibly assess our capabilities and risks. Clients come first. We care about quality, not just quantity. We do not run several large-scale events on the same date because we can’t guarantee services are performed to the highest standard in this case. We stay together with one couple during the celebration, sharing all their moments and emotions. This is our approach, these are our values.

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