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Why do we say “Yes” to the Evening Ceremony?

Are you one of those couples who prefer a nontraditional and unusual approach to your wedding? How does an evening ceremony sound to you? Not sure? Take a look at our "pros" list where we share our devotion and love to the evening ceremonies.

1. It is just super dreamy. Close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself walking down the aisle between hundreds of lights, candles, lanterns, magical string lights and other illuminated objects. And then you see him, his beloved eyes, his smile...You’re really going to marry this man under the stars, girl. This is your fairytale. 2. Fabulous photos. Many couples are worried that photos taken in the dark will be gloomy. We want to reassure you that they will be AMAZING. Candles, lanterns, and lights will emphasize a cozy romantic ambiance and the decor of your wedding. (NB! Just let your photographer know in advance that you’re hosting the evening ceremony – he’ll do the rest) 3. It gives you/your bridal party/groom’s team a plenty of time to get dressed and ready, socialize at the brunch or lunch, take photos and arrive in time, relaxed and ready, for the wedding. 4. Break the rules! If you host an evening ceremony, you can easily move away from the stereotypes. For example, instead of the rose petals, let your guests use the Bengal lights. Or even more! What if you not start, but end your wedding with the evening ceremony? In this case, you can be sure that the most touching moment of your wedding will remain forever in the memory.

The evening ceremony is a pure beauty.

Many couples are concerned about this innovation and think it involves more efforts, decorations, and faces a lot of obstacles in general. We can honestly tell you that evening ceremony is NOT as complicated as you can imagine, but it is definitely more charming and dreamy. Yes, you need to create a very good strict timeline (it is the key), take care of your guests (in case it is getting cold in the evening), choose an appropriate venue (check all the restrictions), etc.

But if you trust us, we’ll do everything possible (and impossible) in the most fantastic way. Be open minded! This is the time when the boldest ideas turn into the real highlights of your celebration. This is your wedding and all your dreams come true.


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