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Wedding Stationery Guide. Part 1.

Though it can be a little confusing to deal with a lot of stationery, it would be much easier if you follow our little guide and tips.

1. Save-the-Date Cards

SEND them 6 – 7 months before the wedding (9 months before if you plan a destination wedding) INCLUDE your names, dates, and place NO reply cards are used with save-the-dates unless someone will respond you that he/she can’t definitely make it

2. Invitations

SEND 6 - 8 weeks before the wedding ORDER 6 months before the wedding INCLUDE a set – invitation, RSVP (see below) and envelopes for each REMEMBER that number of guests is not the number of invitations to be sent. BUT children 18+ should receive a separate invitation (even if they live with parents)


DUE DATE: • 4 weeks before the wedding if the invitations were sent 8 weeks before the wedding • 3 weeks before the wedding if you sent invitations 6 weeks before the wedding SEND with the invitation – can be a separate card or included to the left corner of the invitation INCLUDE a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for response

4. Thank-You Notes

SEND: • Engagement/shower gifts – no later 3 weeks after you receive a gift • Gifts received before the wedding – ASAP before the wedding day • Gifts on the wedding day or after – from 3 weeks – to 3 months, no longer ORDER – with invitations, that will save your budget

It is only a small essential part of the wedding stationery you are going to have. You may need to include other enclosures such as accommodations cards, maps, and directions, bridal shower invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, etc.

Photo - @TheHons

Design - C3 Design Co

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