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Rain? It's all for the best

My friend is getting married in a week and really worried about the weather. She keeps telling that rain will mess up her day, overwhelming herself and ruining the whole ambiance of a sweet planning. Ladies, don’t panic and use a few tips why you don’t need to freak out about the rain on your Big Day:

- Keep calm and accept that it is beyond your control. The more understanding you are, the more enjoyable your celebration will be. - It is a great chance to take fabulous and amazing photos. Make heartwarming pics with your fiancé and fun pics with your friends. Use colorful umbrellas, boots, and anything that you like. Just discuss it with your photographer in advance. P.S. if you are a lucky one, you can catch the rainbow. - Take care of your guests and make sure they have umbrellas, blankets and/or indoor space for your ceremony. Don’t forget to provide a special room where guests can freshen up. - Give it to your wedding planner. You are the bride and you need to be concentrated on your love, feelings, and joy.

And finally, if you are superstitious, the rain is always a good luck sign.

Remember that your attitude will set the ambiance of the whole celebration. So, smile and enjoy your unique wedding day.


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