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10 Steps to Plan your Perfect Proposal

You asked for parent's blessings. You've got the ring. It's time to actually pop the question.

With an engagement season upon us, it's important to remember the main steps to plan your perfect proposal:

1. Pick a proper location.

Meaningful, special and very symbolic for both of you. A city rooftop with a beautiful skyline view, a cafe where you met on a first date, a getaway, or even your home (it can still be very special). Just let it be about two of you.

2. *COVID edition* Make it safe.

Especially in the current situation. If you opt for a "public" proposal, try to make it private public. Meaning, no crowds around and more secluded areas & spaces.

3. Check your calendars.

Quite obvious, but you want to make sure your SO is available on that special day.

4. Capture the memorable moment.

We always suggest hiring a professional photographer (& videographer), if the proposal is a bit more elaborate than a family dinner. Make sure you communicate clearly and discuss all the essential details with your vendors - location, ETA, setup, any activities/rituals included, etc.

5. Think about decor.

It might be applicable or not, but if you truly want to elevate the space and make it an unforgettable experience overall, think about some special decorations, flowers, and candles (they create such a romantic ambiance).

6. Go extra mile.

Hire a musician - a pianist, violinist, saxophonist or even a quartet (depends on your location & possible restrictions). The music always sets the mood and create the unique atmosphere. Maybe, you want the musicians to accompany your romantic dinner afterwards?

7. Dinner.

Well, it's totally up to you and the agreement with the venue you picked. Either you stay for a romantic dinner afterwards or just rent a space for proposal only, make sure you have at least 30 minutes after the proposal itself. You want to have more photos/videos captured and, most importantly, you want to embrace and enjoy this moment. Just the two of you.

8. Special Guests *COVID edition*.

While we usually don't mind having the immediate family join the newly engaged after saying "YES", in the current situation, we would suggest against it (read p.2).

If it is absolutely essential to have the family to be there for a big moment, make sure there is no big crowd and they follow all precautions, as much as possible.

9. Speak from your heart.

We planned a lot of different proposals and by far the most sentimental ones were those when clients were genuine and spoke the heart out. Your level of excitement will be over the roof, so just keep it simple.

10. Backup plan.

There's no such thing as bad weather, but if you know your proposal 100% depends on the weather, always consider a backup venue/date.

The same readiness to go with plan B is applicable to the current COVID situation.

11. Bonus - Hire a planner :)

Last but not least. If you want your proposal to be really memorable and special- message us and we’ll take care of everything.


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