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Is it Acceptable to Propose at Someone Else's Wedding?

Well, it has become almost a tradition!

The recent video of the bride, Jess Nakrayko, helping her friend's boyfriend propose during her own wedding, divided the audience. One side states that the bridesmaid completely stole the “thunder” of the bride, meanwhile, other ones consider this as one of the most unselfish things they ever seen.

Whichever side you choose, the most important thing you need to assume here is the fact the bride was aware of the whole idea. She gave her permission to do so. So, basically, she did what she considered to be right. Another thing if proposal happens spontaneously, without notifying the newlyweds before. It is not about “stealing the thunder” anymore, it is about the disrespectful and selfish attitude of a person decided to act this way. One couple revealed the most horrifying story when their ceremony was interrupted by their friend’s (I assume, ex-friend's) proposal. Can you imagine the bride at that moment? This is just unacceptable.

Besides the popular engagement fuss, sometimes it happens that some of your guests have birthday or wedding anniversary. It is wonderful to give them a little appreciation (at least, they attend your wedding on such a big day). We believe it would be sweet and heartwarming to either send them small cakes or raise the glass to them after the main part of the reception (especially if they are very close relatives or friends).

It is very personal - whatever you chose to share or not your “moment of glory” with anybody else. All you need is to consider the consequences of your own actions and proceed them with prudence and common sense. You don’t want to be excited for 2-3 minutes and stay behind the scenes for the rest of your night, right? Listen to your heart and mind (in this case it is important) and make the right choice.

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