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“I’m tired – give me my food!” or how to appease your guests

Ok, ladies, we need to admit that behind this whole wedding thing we can forget about our guests. Sure, it is impossible to forget to serve a meal for them or impress them with stunning decorations, but what about small touches that make their stay comfortable and enjoyable?

So here are just some things that will leave a pleasant impression about your Big day:

- Find out in advance if any of your guests has an allergy. It can influence your menu and floral decorations. - Have a tasting lunch before. Make sure the food is delicious. Nobody will care about your decorations and entertainment if they stay hungry. It is the rule of thumb. - Make it clear: an accurate address to the ceremony and reception place, seating arrangements, etc. - Keep the youngest guests entertained. Set up a kids zone and hire an animator, so parents can chill out. Unless you have an “adults only” wedding – in this case, you need to inform your guests in a timely manner. - Be provident and make sure you have umbrellas, blankets, flip-flops, sunglasses, etc. – everything you may need based on your wedding style and/or weather. - Have a special lounge room for guests. It has to be a cozy quiet place, where your granny can relax or your friend can feed her newborn baby. - Provide a comfortable transportation to and from the venue. If guests come by themselves, make sure your site has enough parking lots. For weddings, out of the city: find out if anybody has to leave earlier and make sure they will have a transportation. - Does your music playlist (and program itself) match your audience? Honestly, it will be a little weird to play super modern hits if you celebrate this day in your family circle. Make sure it is not too noisy and your guests can speak easily, not scream. - Don’t forget about welcome gifts and favors. And yes, it is not the same. - Make sure you have enough: seats, food, drinks, everything. - Don’t forget to say “thank you” and interact with people you invited. You can leave a party for a short photoshoot during the sunset, but don’t disappear for the half of the reception. Don’t make your guests wait (it applies to the ceremony and “ceremony-reception” gap also). - Keep a day-after-the-wedding brunch tradition. People love this gesture. - Smile and send your positive happy vibes all around. Natural ambiance and your great mood will make the celebration absolutely perfect.

p.s. no cash bar, please

Photo - @Tati and Roman Photography


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