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How does the Groom spend his wedding morning?

Everybody used to talk A LOT about the bride’s morning - her makeup/hair, dress, party with the girls, happy tears and champagne bubbles.  What about the groom? Does his morning look like a routine?

No way! It can be fun as well and let us show how.

1. Start your day with your father/parents or friends. Go to a family/friends brunch at your favorite place. Talk about some funny moments from your life, look through the old photo albums, smile and laugh - relieve the stress.  2. Men need to be pampered too! Skip the risk of cutting yourself on the most important day and let a professional barber do the job.  3. Wedding morning is not the limit for your adventurous life. Get a sea/yacht walk or a helicopter flight (no, seriously, add a little adrenaline), play golf/billiards or just relax, tasting an old whiskey. We don't recommend cigars until later in the day to avoid smelling up your tux. 4. Create a surprise for the future wife…if you haven’t done it before. It is a really nice gesture. You can buy a Tiffany bracelet or a new silk scarf she wanted so much, but we usually suggest to make it personal – there is no rule to spend a lot of money on this gift. It has to show the size of your love, not your wallet.

Don’t know which one is for you? Trust your planner. Feel free to talk about your hobbies and dreams. We will find the most interesting options for you.

Do not wait until the Ceremony or Reception to get these unforgettable emotions. This is your day, your celebration – enjoy it!

photo - @TheHons


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