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Fluffy Friends at Your Wedding

Besides the common ring bearer or flower girl roles, how to include a fluffy friend into your wedding day?

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Corey Torpie Photography

1. Photos.

Even if you are concerned about taking a faithful friends out of your house, you can still spend some time with them at home. Maybe during your getting ready photos?

2. Don't overdo.

It is not always essential to put a tuxedo on or do cute pigtails if you have "a charachter-pet" who wouldn't appreciate the styling process - my cat would have killed me for that, lol. Don’t get obsessed with flower collars – although they look cute, your pet can have an allergic reaction.

3. Ask your guests to make a donation instead of wedding gifts.

Choose an animal charity or a shelter with an important meaning to you as a family and explain to your guests why it will be the best gift for you. Make it in advance.

Make sure the process of donation is smooth and easy to use for your guests. If you create a wedding website, mention your "special registry" there.

4. Incorporate your pets as a small part of your wedding concept.

It might sound a little odd and absolutely not for everyone, but if you want, you can show your pet presence even without them being on the spot. From pet-shaped earrings or cufflinks to the cocktail sticks and the wedding cake topper.

5. Get a pet-sitter.

Either your sister/brother, friend or a dedicated professional. Just be considerate and make sure your pet feels absolutely comfortable and trusts that person.

6. If you bring your pet to the wedding, make sure he has an easy access to food/water/shelter, if needed.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget about your fluffy friends on this day and make sure they feel included. Just be mindful and don't push the limits - if you know your pets might be scared, don’t insist on them being your flower girls or ring bearer.


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