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Can we ask you something?

We’re asking enjoy your wedding day.

The time flies so fast - like, bam, you blink your eyes and the wedding day is over.

*Live in a moment. Enjoy every second of your celebration. *Take a deep breath before you walk down the aisle and…just follow your heart. *Eat. Please. It is really important. *Don’t try to make tones of staged photos you saw on Pinterest. Just act naturally and everything will work by itself (and with a help of your beautiful photographer, of course) *Smile and laugh. *"Elope" (pre-approve with your planner) for 10 minutes and spend this time alone – only you and your half. No cameras, no friends around, just the two of you. *Stay away from the cellphone. You don’t need it. Your bridesmaids will make a lot of selfies with you, so, no worries, your Instagram will be full. *Tell "thank you" to your parents. You can do it privately or give a reception speech. Maybe you don’t realize it now, but for them, this celebration is not about flowers and fancy menu cards – it is all about a piece of their heart they give away to other caring hands. *Don’t be afraid to show your emotions. You’re allowed to cry, a little bit. Only happy tears allowed. *Don’t freak out if you forget your vows (or even the first dance). It’s fine, just speak (dance) from your heart. *Don’t wait for a perfect moment. It will happen unexpectedly. A look with your soon-to-be spouse before you walk down the aisle, the first look with your dad or a moment when you dance together like you are the only people on this planet could end up meaning the world to you. Don’t try to predict it. Just embrace it when it comes.

As it is said, if at the end of the day you’re married the one you love, then everything went perfectly.

Enjoy it.

Much love, "Sense of Moment"


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