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Beat the Heat

With a hot wedding season upon us, it is essential to remember that summer wedding is not just a romantic celebration, but also a list of requirements you need to consider while planning your big day. So, here we go:

1. You are the bride and you are in the middle. Take care of yourself: a. Don’t use a liquid makeup and have a touch-up kit with blotting papers in it. b. Consider to have an updo – your hairstylist will be able to give you tons of options. c. What’s your dress? If you are not strict on a ball gown style, check light fabric dresses.

2. Don’t forget about your guests: a. Keep them hydrated with iced water, cold tea, or lemonade – everything is perfect. Choose thirst-quenching fruit drinks. b. Provide them with all necessities – fans, sunglasses, parasols, sunscreen, misting stations for an outdoor ceremony, bug sprays, cushions for ceremony chairs, etc. c. If you have elderly guests, it can be even more challenging for them to beat the heat, so make sure they feel comfortable and safe. d. Always! have an emergency kit. e. If you have a pet-friendly wedding, don’t forget about fluffy friends – they need water and shade too.

3. Choose a specific menu and certain flowers, especially if you have an outdoor wedding – you don’t want your guests to get poisoned or see wilted flowers.

4. Consider the time and place of your ceremony: a. Inside instead of outside - is the easiest way to keep everybody cool. b. Move it from afternoon to the evening. It won’t just relieve you from sunburn, but will also add super romantic ambiance into your ceremony.

These are just very few things you need to remember while planning a summer wedding. But be sure, everything from the list above (and even more) can be turned from challenges into a super interactive and unique way your wedding is held.

And, of course, if you need any assistance with this question (and any wedding related questions), ask us – we know how to make it smooth and perfect.


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