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Adults-Only Wedding: Dos and Don’ts

Deciding whether to invite kids to your wedding is one of the most controversial questions. Whether your decision not to have children at your wedding is made from budget or venue limits, safety concerns or just a personal preference, it should be respected by family and friends. How to explain it to your guests and not to offend them at the same time?

1. The rule of thumb: DON'T include “adults-only”/ “no children” / “child-free wedding” notes to your invitations. The best free alternative you can use is the “word of mouth”. Have your friends and family members to spread the word to guests. 2. Kindly drop a note to your wedding website. 3. To avoid a confusion, address the invitations to directly who is invited. If you invite only the parents, make sure to include only their names to the invitation, not their kids’ names. 4. Even though you did paragraph 3, some of the guests can assume the whole family is invited. If you have any doubts about some guests, just call them and kindly explain the situation. Be polite, explaining you can’t invite everyone you’d like. It would be an awkward conversation, yes, but it would be much more uncomfortable to see a small kindergarten on your wedding day (if you don't want it). 5. Don’t make exclusions. To allow you MOH bring her son and forbid your aunt coming with her baby at the same time can cause a little frustration and make your guests upset. Don’t make an Adults-Mostly wedding. 6. Yes! You can have a ring bearer and flower girls at your Ceremony if you want. The best way to entertain them after the official part is to hire a professional nanny. 7. It is your wedding day and only you can decide how you want it to be held. Be ready to face some upset, disappointed and even angry attitudes from your guests. Some of them can be just pissed off. Try to be understanding and delicate. You can blame your budget and venue restrictions– I’m sure it’s true. Just don’t step back. This is your day!

Dealing with your guest list is always a tough process. Dealing with it having the special restrictions at the same time is much harder. We’re here to relieve you of these chores. Contact us now.


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