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6 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors create a vibe and style of your celebration. We got 6 hints for you to choose your wedding colors:

1. Venue comes first. As soon you know the place of your celebration, try to figure out if your preferred color palette will match this venue. 2. Consider textures of the materials you’re going to use. Maroon satin tablecloth and a cotton one will look absolutely different. Find the best combination for your wedding style. 3. Flowers don’t need to be exactly the same as your wedding colors are. Add some shades and complimentary hues. 4. Find a balance. Don’t use too many colors, because it can be overwhelming and flashy. On another side, a lack of colors can be boring, so add some spice. 5. Don’t forget that color palette will set the mood of your celebration. Think about the emotions and ambiance you want to have, and what colors can make it. 6. Don’t just follow trends, choose what you like. Even if rose quartz is a color trend, you don’t need to take it if you like olive green.


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