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Winter Wedding? ❄️ Yes, please.


photo - @Peloton Studio

I believe you have your mind set on a “Magical Winter Wedding” now (after "Part 1"). And here comes the most scared question - “What should I wear?”

No worries, you’ll be fine and here we tell you how:

1. Keep yourself warm - cardigans, sweaters, fur wraps, coats can not only warm you, but also complement the beautiful images. Consider them as the accent elements that can emphasize the style of your wedding.

2. “Shine bright like a diamond” 💎 If “shine” is your middle name, winter is the perfect season to prove it. Glamorous sparkling dresses and embroidered elements work perfectly. Just don’t overdo. You’re still a beautiful bride, not a Christmas tree.

3. The groom can wear a trendy velvet jacket, stylish coat or a knitted cardigan. Depending on the size and a knitting type, the scarf can replace a tie or a butterfly.

4. Don’t forget about warm comfortable shoes. You don’t want to spend the first day of your marriage with flu.

But if you’re super adventurous, craving for the one of a kind experience and unforgettable emotions, have your pictures taken in the snow! Literally ❄️

And, yes, we are in to help you, let’s make it happen ✨

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