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Full planning package: why you need it

Our clients often ask us if we can provide separate services from our packages? Imagine a bride who has already booked a venue and a host, and all she needs from us is a design and organization. We always try to meet the client’s requirements that’s why our goal is not just sell the service upon request, but also explain a client all pros and cons of a certain planning package. In order to provide the high quality organization we conduct the full cycle planning and implementation of the event, from A to Z. The service we provide doesn’t have a shape. It is your confidence and assurance, that everything will be tastefully and perfectly made. We believe that wedding is a celebration where you have only two options: relax or work. We take the responsibility and handle the second one. Giving your wedding to one team, you have only one contact person. You don’t need to keep a bunch of details in your head at the same time. Your mission is to tell us what you like and want. It can be your dream from the childhood, life story, inspiration board from Pinterest, a movie, music or an artwork. If you had a chance to visit other weddings before, share your experience - what you liked and what irritated you. It helps us to build an integrated idea about your couple and what kind of individual concept will fit your celebration. For a clear understanding of wedding planner responsibilities, I would snow my brides a movie about the issues they can come up during the celebration without a planner or even a coordinator. I believe, nobody would be impressed when a DJ messes up with the first dance song. Or even more. Imagine a beautiful wedding where the newlyweds sing heartwarming songs with their friends on a stage. At this time restaurant staff decides to change the dishes on the tables and pull a cart with dirty dishes in front of the stage. You think it is only possible on cheap venues? The practice says it happens even on the most fashionable sites. That’s why a planner is obliged to control all details of your celebration in advance. To be honest, a restaurant manager often wonders why we are so picky and ask them about a route from the kitchen to the ballroom. Details matter. By approving the concept of your event, our team starts looking for the right vendors for your celebration. It must be consistent. We care and select the professional staff exactly for your type of celebration. We assume that everybody has his own mission. If one florist likes decorating outdoor rustic weddings, it doesn’t mean he can be proficient in the design of a ballroom with crystal chandeliers. We won’t work with the one and only vendor for all types of our events - we always search for new talents. Unfortunately, brides used to think that a wedding planner is the luxury and also: Waste of money Can’t be trusted since planners do huge mark-ups Unnecessary, because everything can be done in DIY way In real life all of these assumptions are wrong. Planners who do their work properly, don’t lie to their clients. Instead, they always try to get some discounts from vendors for the newlyweds. Many of planners used to be the brides themselves, so they realize that every penny matters. Finally, you can always ask a vendor about his fee. This is just an unnecessary risk for planners. DIY weddings is one of our favorite topics. Looking through a thousand of Pinterest images, you create the vision how you wedding will look like. We truly believe that you can make amazing lighting decorations using glass jars and candles. The difference is that we, being professionals, will consider all hidden details - the size of the jar, the most appropriate shape, the combination of several items according to their heights at one point, and the quality of the materials used. Our mission is not just copy and paste, our task is to make a reflection of your story and characters in every detail. One more benefit of a full planning package is the fact that we care about the time of our clients. Our couples are demanding busy people who value their time. We don’t expect you to give your comments about every version of table setting. In order to perform an efficient work and communication, we set up checkpoints when we are obliged to show you the project status. It is not a 20minutes demagogy with phrases aka “everything is good, we work hard, etc”. We look through every item in the cost and provide the status of its preparation. What else is different? Personal touch of your wedding. This is a unique story created for your couple. Just beware that there are two types of planners: planner - contractor and planner - creator. Let us explain it in a simple way. Imagine a puzzle. Yes, just kids puzzle. Following the instructions you put together all the pieces. As a result you get the same image as it is shown on the package and also all seams are visible. That’s exactly what happens with wedding planners-contractors. They do your wedding based on already existing references and projects. The same way as your puzzle looks identical as a package image, your wedding looks like other ones. The puzzle parts represent the working parts, performed by a planner-contractor. When they are combined, the picture appears, but there is no feeling of seamless image. And now imagine a sheet of paper and paints. You draw something that excites your imagination and your eyes light up. You still do not know what will happen in the end, but you are sure that your work will be colorful and not like others. This is how wedding planners - creators work. They represent your project as a whole cohesive picture, where every smear and play of shadows can bring a special highlight. Remember, the mission of the wedding planner is not to resell vendor services. The wedding planner works only with his trusted team and is responsible for the actions of all the services that are involved in your wedding. He creates the full picture - your wedding.

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