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10 Ways to Throw an Awesome Bachelorette Party

Being a Bride is an awesome time in your life! But before you put your veil on, you will probably need one last fiesta – your Bachelorette Party! Let's talk about how to make it smooth, fun and memorable. So, dear Bridesmaids, you would probably use these tips.

1. First of all, make it personal! Don’t just follow the trends, but think about the things (music/entertainment/shows/colors) your future Bride may like. I always give a personal example – my Bachelorette Party. Even though my girls are 100% pop music advocates, they made the unique party for me, playing tons of rock music, making temporary tattoos, and wearing stylish tank tops with funny rock signatures.

2. Consider your budget. Be clear and discuss this question with other girls as soon as you decide to throw a Bachelorette Party. Be realistic if you can’t afford something. It’s all about the ambiance you create, not about material things.

3. Get the guests list from the Bride. You want her to be surrounded by people she wants there.

4. Think about the most appropriate place for your party. Incorporate your idea/concept: do you want to dance all night long or will a warm late night conversation work best for you? And BOOK IT in advance.

5. Little Favors for your Bride. I know you’ve already spent a lot of money, so I don’t insist on buying anything extra. However, you can add a personal touch presenting your Bride something you connect with her personality or with your friendship in general. The Barbie doll you shared in the childhood, the plastic bracelets you made as a sign of your friendship, or even your first photo together. It will melt her heart and will be more valuable than standard “bridal kits” from the stores.

6. Make it a surprise. Use a blindfold and don’t tell her where you’re going. Get out of town! Just make sure in advance this day works for everybody, especially for your Bride.

7. Make photos - if is affordable for you, consider to hire a professional photographer; if not - use Polaroid (any camera you have)

8. Have fun!

9. Be safe!! Take a cab, rent a limo, party bus, anything – just don’t drive!

10. The last but not least – don’t turn a fun girls party to a gross show with weird cake designs and inappropriate contests. Sure, it’s absolutely up to you (and we don’t mind if you’re sure your Bride-to-Be will love these ideas), but wouldn’t you think ahead about sharing these pictures with your/bride's future daughter (also a future bride) in approx.20 years? Even a "pole dance workshop” would be more esthetic.

We love to create, explore and throw Bachelorette Parties. We assume there is something more special about them that just “pop the champagne” and party all night. It is about the friends' bonds and commitments to love and support each other. Always.

If you’re still looking for Bachelorette Party ideas, here are the ones we like:

- The adventure (camping, hiking, zip-lining, and dinner) - Poolside party/Boat Party - Pin Up Bachelorette Party (bright baby-doll dresses, decorated out-of-town house, sweets, and girly gossips till the sunrise) - A vineyard trip/Cooking class/Craft class - Concert/Festival - Beach Party - Surprise/Out of town Bachelorette Party (consider to make fun T-shirts related to the place of your party. Kinda “She said Yes. We said Key West”. Isn’t it sweet?

If you need more ideas or just want to enjoy an upcoming Bachelorette Party, you can entrust its organization to us.


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